This is where governments should intervene and help. Yes, there may already be programs aplenty all designed to help people who are obese deal with their problems, but if you look closely at the base of the software, none of them solve the problem of consistent and almost none of these will support structure which overlaps with other obesity solutions.

- Each of these solutions obesity is a plan and drawing on its own, with a support structure that since the issue passes. When the particular obesity is completed or when the person needs, or voluntarily enters the obesity another solution, they must go through almost the entire process from the beginning. The current structure and the solutions they use, in most cases, things do not work for them.

This does not mean that there are no right or obesity viable solutions to all. Only what exists, it must be reviewed and restructured so that people can make the most of them, not less. People, who are obese and are looking for help with their problems of obesity, also need to have a good support structure in place. Again, these are already there, but not in proper form or manner.

Many people argue over this and say that these support structures are simply not being used properly by those who need it, and to some extent, be true.

But what about the majority of cases where the support structure fails these people and where they pass through cracks and holes that can still are found in these support structures, and in many other types of obesity solutions? What then? These issues must be addressed, as well as other more fundamental issues, which can only contribute to obesity alternatives, and not hinder them. We are for the most obsessed with weight and diet, but the fact is that none of these problems or obesity solutions needed to solve, would be necessary if we addressed the most important issues at hand.

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