Hypertension - Medication by Ayurveda

Herbs for hypertension
Sarpagandha: For centuries Rauwolfia serpentina has been used to treat hypertension Ayurveda can supply Tablets 'Rasagandha’ Available at all Ayurvedic Drug Store.

Terminalia Arjuna shaped dose-dependent hypertension in put out chases. Action of mechanism for this particular herb is that it acts like a agent and is a powerful antioxidant, liver protectant and contains cardio-protective, hypolipidemic, anti-angina and anti-atheroma properties. Ayurveda can supply Tablets of ‘Arjuna’

Gokshura:Tribulus terrestris (gokshura) is a natural herb used for handling a lot of diseases including hypertension. It has shown to be water pill and an ACE inhibitor.

Punarnava:Boerhaavia Diffusa has water pill and Ca2+ channel jamming activity.

Rose:Rose Pattel Jam has calming and mood lifting effects.

Praval Bhasma:Indian Coral Powder offers elemental calcium and magnesium.

Home RemediesRasona or garlic is most key stuff helpful in easing vata dosha controlling blood pressure. Garlic looses cholesterol and triglyceride that have force on heart disease. A paste made of about 1 gm of garlic must be mixed with a glass of buttermilk. Drink this buttermilk twice a day. It will get your blood pressure down.

Ayurveda can supply Tablets 'Lashunadi Vati'’. Available at any drugstore Eating 2/3 raw clove of garlic (prior to soaking it in buttermilk) on empty stomach in the morning will correct any nullification of vata dosha and will help to lower your blood pressure.

Soak 1tsp Greek clover seed in water for a night and munch them early in the morning on empty stomach. It will reduce your cholesterol and excess fats.

Powder of 'Triphala' should be taken regularly at night with warm water. This will help maintain constipation and intestines will remain clean.

Panchakarma:Niruha basti Chikitsa (non-unctuous enema) will be helpful in hypertension and should be given by experienced physician.

Dhara therapy is also helpful in treating obstinate cases of hypertension. Oil processed with bala (sida cordifolia) and milk is allowed to drop in small droplets on the forehead of the patient.

Ayurveda is the total herbal procedure to cure a disease.

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