Hypertension and the Ayurveda

Disability and death mostly causes by hypertension, all over the world. Hypertension is the causes for heart attacks, strokes, kidney failures and other disorder if neglected and remains untreated. In many cases, plays a role of silent killer in the body hypertension does not cause any symptoms until it causes complications such as heart attack and stroke . Therefore, it is important to notice yourself that you have high blood pressure and you have rooted it out by regular treatment.

Blood pressure is high when arterial blood pressure is elevated above the normal ranges. The normal blood pressure reading is systolic 120 over diastolic 80.

Symptoms of Hypertension:
Regular Pain at the back of the head and neck on waking up, lasts for a little while, Dizziness, Palpitations, Heart pain, Frequent urination, Nervous tension, Fatigue, Difficulty in Breathing.

Causes of Hypertension:
Stress and hectic life-style, Vitiation of vata, Smoking and an excessive intake of intoxicants, Hardening of the arteries, Obesity, Metabolic disorders. Excessive intake of common table salt, Overloading of fast foods.

Hypertension And Its Ayurvedic Approach
From Ayurveda, high blood pressure involves all the doshas (fault), the heart, and the blood vessels.We can see signs and symptoms of upset of vata dosha(air problem) a mainly that of 'Vyana vayu'(clear air) in high blood pressure. The treatment is to correct the balance of vata dosha (Speech Fault).Pitta (bile) forming is also seen often and should be trated.

People with Pitta (bile) and Vata (air) predominant constitution and Pitta and Vata imbalance, are more prone to hypertension than any other. Unprocessed anger, frustration, irritability, anxiety, and fear leads to a bad effect of the endocrine system, which then leads to conditions like hypertension.

The Ayurvedic Treatment is grounded on bringing these instabilities back to normal. In the treatment of hypertension; nutrition, exercise, breathing exercises (Pranayama), yoga, meditation, behavioral modification, and a range of herbs and minerals are prescribed.

Avoid meat, eggs, and salt, less amount of protein intake. To pursue the ideal vegetarian diet, Vegetables: Garlic, lemon, parsley, Fruits: Indian Gooseberry, Grape fruit, watermelon, Dairy: Milk, Cottage cheese, clarified butter. Coffee, which has caffeine, heightens the action of adrenaline and both are vital in increasing blood pressure levels. Limit sodium in the diet.

Cigarette smokers be apt to have high blood pressure. Nicotine helps in increasing the heart rate and increases the release of the adrenaline.

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