Exercise helps you to quit smoking

Researcher says, just a few minutes of moderate exercise or probably of five to ten minute per day, could help people to quit smoking. Smoking is a major contributing factor towards many health problems, including lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The researcher reported that, "People who struggle to give up smoking can make things much easier for themselves by taking short bouts of light exercise such as strolling.”

More then 12 studies on the effect of a single session of exercise compared to no exercise on three outcome measures: cigarette cravings, withdrawal symptoms and smoking behavior were reviewed by Adrian Taylor of the University of Exeter's School of Sport and Health Sciences in Britain and other researchers.

No beneficial impacts on at least one of the three outcome measures have reported in the study. All most all studies on removal symptoms showed a significant reduction in two of six symptoms: stress, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, tension and poor concentration.

All studies depicted reductions in figures and pulling out symptoms with increase in duration and intensity of exercise but even a short five-minute seated exercise showed beneficial effects.

It’s the right time for go for exercise and kick off the habit of smoking.

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