Ayurveda - as a natural treatment

From the ancient past Ayurveda is used to served as the best way of treatment of all diseases. An herbal process to get relief from all sorts of disease. The oldest methode of treatment is Ayurveda. Still in the 21st century, it has its effects on the people. Many people have good faith on Ayurveda as good method of treatment.

As a natural treatment, it gains lots of fame in the world of herbal medicine. Stress is such kind of disease, that effects human being very easily. And every one needs get rid of it as soon as possible. Ayurveda is somehow a good reactant against all type of stress.

The job is not inevitably the root cause of undue stress. Rather, how one takes stress and carries on with life by sustaining an inner balance, which matters ultimately. Whether or not one is subjected to stress, depends on the way an individual reacts to a particular event in life.

Persons maintaining their daily routines like taking meals, eating a diet based on their doshas, regular intake of herbal tonics, giving some times for meditation each day and probably undergoes a Shiro Dhara atleast once a month, appear so much more clam, sharp and clearer in their views. People begin to think positively and their reaction towards work situation changes for the better. Ayurveda recommends the following de-stress therapies for job stress.

Shiro Dhara. An Ayurvedic treatment, in which the person is made to lie on his back on a massage table and warm medicated herbal oil, is poured in a stream on the forehead, targeting the area in between the eyebrows. The reason behind doing this methode is that, the area in between the eyebrows is the point where all the nerves in the body meet. Hence, when oil gets in contact with this area, it soothes the nervous system with the same effect that one receives through a good body massaged. Even the immune system of the person gets relaxed through Shiro dhara.

Herbal Brain Tonics is the recommended Ayurvedic tonics containing herbs such as Brahmi, Ashwagandha and Shankapushpi. For individuals suffering from sharp emotional and mental stress, the herbs are poured in the form of medicated oil through the nostrils, as this puts the herbs immediately into the bloodstream, as it is in close vicinity to the brain.

Stress, disposition and digestion are all cured by meditation. Quite meditation is very clearing and calming. Certain other forms of meditation include nature walks, or sitting by the water or in the woods, as they all give the same reassuring effect to mind. Anything that helps one relax is meditation. In other words, individuals who do not spend time in nourishing their spiritual connection are bound to feel hassled with their jobs.

Color therapies, Music Therapy, Aromatherapy and Yoga are other therapies that help in bringing about a balance of mental, physical, nervous and immune systems. Even essential oils could be used at office to bring a calming effect to the mind through the sense of smell.

Ayurveda is the most primitive technique to reduce stress. It can help you to get a perfect relief from all sorts of disease.

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